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With our technology leadership and professional approach, customers select us as their preferred supplier for all sorts of test solutions and wind turbine design tools. Our facilities include several rotor blade test stands and dedicated composite manufacturing and test laboratories. Work field includes wind turbines, tidal, offshore oil & gas, marine sector, civil engineering and automotive. We understand the importance of customer focus starting with smart, cost-efficient solutions, not wasting time during the process, ending with delivering excellent results that enable our customers to develop their products further.

Offshore wind industry joins forces to reduce cable failure costs

10-04-2018 Wieringerwerf
Power-cable failures offshore are often the main risk affecting the development and operation of offshore wind farms. Approximately 80% of insurance claims in the offshore wind industry are linked to cable failures. To reduce failure levels, DNV GL, ECN, WMC, BREM, VanderHoekPhotonics, Deltares and other partners are joining forces in a Joint Industry Project (JIP): Cables Lifetime Monitoring.

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TKI Match Making Day 2018

14-02-2018 Utrecht
On Valentine's day, in keeping with maintaining and creating relationships, WMC contributed the TKI-Matchmaking event in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This event, organised by the Topconsortium Kennis en Innovatie (Topconsortium Knowledge and Innovation) consisted of a member meeting, an innovation market, and an open afternoon session where the latest collaboration opportunities were presented. Our TKI-MIMIC principal investigator, Iuri Barcelos, presented the results of his now 4-year project on 'MIcromechanics-based Modelling and condition Monitoring of rotor blade Composites (MIMIC)'. Besides that, participation of WMC's researchers was acknowledged in various other presentations.

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TKI Double Slip Joint project update

24-08-2017 Wieringerwerf

The Double Slip Joint is being developed by KCI to replace grouted or bolted connections between the transition piece and monopile of wind turbine foundations. Together with partners Van Oord and SIF a joint project has been set up with support from TKI-Wind op Zee. A scale 1:5 prototype for an 8 MW offshore wind turbine is being tested in the laboratory of Knowledge Centre WMC.

The prototype diameter is 1.6 m. The longest component is about 15 m long (12 ton). The smaller main part is about 6 m long (5 ton). Test plans and test results will be reviewed by DNV-GL.

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WMC researchers in mobility visit to DTU Risø

12-07-2017 Wieringerwerf

Two members from the WMC materials research team, Francisco Lahuerta and Iuri Rocha, took part on the IRPWind Mobility Programme, aimed at fostering collaboration between research organizations involved in the IRPWind project. Two research proposals were submitted to the programme and were both approved, resulting in two visits to the DTU Risø campus in Roskilde, in collaboration with Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen from DTU Wind Energy.

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Full-scale blade testing

WMC has developed the procedures for blade tests since 1984 and has tested many blades for many of the largest blade manufacturers ever since.

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FOCUS6 is the integrated modular tool to design wind turbines and wind turbine components like rotor blades. For more than a decade, FOCUS6 is being used by the international wind turbine industry.

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Structural testing

Besides testing for the wind energy, WMC has extensive expertise and testing capacity for other structural and material testing for different sectors, like the oil & gas industry and civil engineering.