Siemens monopile shaker calibration tests

03-03-2016 Wieringerwerf
Last year WMC facilitated Siemens with the calibration of the DISSTINCT monopile shaker. The calibration tests are part of a TKI Wind op Zee research project about dynamic soil-structure interaction (DSSI). In order to investigate soil behaviour, with the ultimate goal to improve offshore support structure design and reduce the cost of offshore wind energy, the monopile shaker is used in field tests on foundations of the Westermeerwind Wind Farm. The loading configurations used in the field, including some standard configurations, were tested in lab conditions at WMC. The shaker was mounted in a stiff frame fixed to WMC's 1.2m thick reinforced strong floor and while increasing the rotational speed of the shaker, resulting forces and accelerations were recorded at several locations. This way several loading configurations for the shaker were tested.
For more information see TKI Wind op Zee research project DSSI.


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