WMC researchers in mobility visit to DTU Risø

Wieringerwerf, 12-07-2017.

Two members from the WMC materials research team, Francisco Lahuerta and Iuri Rocha, took part on the IRPWind Mobility Programme, aimed at fostering collaboration between research organizations involved in the IRPWind project. Two research proposals were submitted to the programme and were both approved, resulting in two visits to the DTU Risø campus in Roskilde, in collaboration with Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen from DTU Wind Energy.

The first visit took place in March, when Francisco Lahuerta led the project entitled "Micromechanical investigation on shear and compression fatigue properties of thick laminates via 3D x-ray computed tomography using the sub-laminate technique". The experimental programme involved manufacturing of a thick laminate and extraction of thinner sub-laminates from where coupons were manufactured and subjected to fatigue loading. The resultant microscopic failure events were then observed through x-ray tomography

The second visit took place in April and was led by Iuri Rocha, with a topic entitled "Microscopic characterization of material degradation evolution due to hygrothermal aging using 3D x-ray computed tomography". In the project, reference and hygrothermally aged samples both before and after being mechanically tested were observed through x-ray tomography and small failure events incurred by the ageing mechanisms were studied.

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Fiber scane
X-ray computed tomography of a shear coupon UD lay-up degraded on fatigue. Resin cracks formation inside fibre bundles and in the inter laminar region

A 0.5mm field of view scan of a hygrothermally aged unidirectional glass/epoxy specimen.