Material Research: Optidat Database


OptiDAT is the composite material database from the OPTIMAT BLADES project. It contains all test results generated in the OPTIMAT research. The data cover a multitude of composite material characteristics, obtained in various types of static and fatigue testing, for representative wind turbine rotor blade materials.

During the project, OptiDAT was used to archive and exchange results between partners, track progress, and develop material models.

OptiDAT is a useful reference composite material database, e.g. for comparison of new wind turbine composite material performance to the behaviour of the OPTIMAT laminates. In addition, it can be used for development and validation of models to predict fatigue life under various conditions, or material behaviour in complex stress states, extreme conditions, variable amplitude fatigue, etc. The OptiDAT database can be downloaded from here as Excel document.

An updated database (2011) including results from the UPWIND project can be downloaded from this link Optidat UPWIND as Excel document.

Detailed background documentation is given in the OptiDat Reference document.

If you use the OptiDat data, please use this reference in your publication:
Nijssen, Rogier, "OptiDat Database", Knowledge Centre WMC,, (accessed Juli 28, 2014).

Key features

  • ±3,000 records of rotor blade composite test data
  • Glass-fibre/epoxy system
  • Various lay-ups and laminate orientations
  • Extensive data on static strength, fatigue
  • Static (residual) strength after fatigue
  • Extreme conditions
  • Spectrum loading
  • Bi-axial test geometries (cruciform, tubular)
  • Repaired and thick laminates

Further characteristics

  • MS Excel format
  • Detailed information per test, incl. reference to test report
  • Main datasheet with all test results from OPTIMAT
  • Separate sheets: info on coupon geometries, laminate properties, etc.
  • Static (residual) strength after fatigue
  • Analysis tools for retrieving data & plotting results

Optidat database screenshots


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