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Document Task Title Subtitle Doctype Organisation Number
OB_SC_R001SCReference material (OPTIMAT) Glass-epoxy material-ReportLM10004
OB_TC_R001TCStandard OPTIMAT Test Specimen Proposal-ReportWMC10007
OB_TC_R002TCConsistent Test Program Procedure Proposal-ReportWMC10008
OB_TC_R003TCOverview of test geometry, material lay-up and test set-up-ReportWMC10009
OB_TC_R004TCOverview of draft DPA.s for phase 1-ReportWMC10010
OB_TG1_R001TG1TG1: Detailed Plan of Action Variable Amplitude, Phase 1, WP 3-ReportDLR10012
OB_TG2_R001TG2Test program for basic material (UD plate) characterization-ReportUP10014
OB_TG2_R002TG2Proposal for UD coupon tests-ReportUP10015
OB_TG2_R003TG2Residual strength characterization of orthotropic ply material-ReportUP10016
OB_TG2_R004TG2Verification test program. UD off-axis and MD specimens-ReportUP10017
OB_TG2_R005TG2TG2: Detailed plan of action, Phase 1-ReportUP10018
OB_TG3_R001TG3TG3: Detailed Plan of Actions-ReportRISØ10021
OB_TG4_R001TG4DPA TG4WP 10, 11ReportWMC10025
OB_TG5_R001TG5DPA TG5WP 13,14ReportCLRC.RAL10031
OB_TC_R005TCDetailed Plan of Action WP10 and WP11Format example for the TL'sReportWMC10042
OB_PC_R002PCSemi-annual progress reportperiod 1-1-2002 to 30-6-2002ReportECN10043
OB_TG1_O001TG1Memorandum: Block tests-OtherWMC10045
OB_TG2_N001TG2Notes on 2D stress patterns in flat, biaxially loaded, plate testsBiaxial test set-up (10 MB)NoteWMC10046
OB_TG3_R002TG3Prelimenary tests 2Compression testsReportRISØ10047
OB_TC_R006TCPreliminary test results on UD reference material (2nd round)TASK GROUP 2: Investigation of blade material behaviour under complex stress statesReportUP10049
OB_TC_N002TCPreliminary tests 2 (UD material)Influence of gauge length and strain rateNoteDLR10051
OB_TC_R007TCPreliminary test results on MD reference material (2nd)Influence of gauge lengthReportDLR10055
OB_TG4_R002TG4Repair techniques for Composite parts of Wind Turbine Blades-ReportCRES10059
OB_TG4_R003TG4Preliminary prediction of specimen propertiesCLT and 1st order FEM analysesReportWMC10063
OB_TG4_R004TG4FE analysis of Standard optimat UD specimen ReportECN10064
OB_TG4_R005TG4Numerical Prediction of simple specimen mechanical responseCLT and FE-Shell formulationsReportUP10079
OB_TC_R008TCPreliminary tests Part 1Static and fatigue tests of UD and MD laminatesReportWMC10095
OB_TG2_R006TG2Biaxial testing of fibre reinforced compositesReport 1: introductionReportVUB10096
OB_TG2_R007TG2Preliminary test results of cruciform test specimensReport 1: Basis geometryReportVUB10097
OB_TG2_R008TG2Proposals for new geometries of cruciform specimensBiaxial loadingReportVUB10098
OB_TG2_R010TG2FE analyses of new geometries of cruciform specimenssee also OB_TG2_R008ReportECN10100
OB_TC_R009TCPreliminary tests.Static axial & biaxial tests of UD and MD specimensReportUP10101
OB_TG2_R011TG2Yearly report (2002)TG2ReportUP10106
OB_TG5_R002TG5Recommended procedure for conducting OPTIMAT Blades residual strength testTest procedureReportCLRC.RAL10108
OB_TG3_R003TG3Yearly report, 2002TG3ReportRISØ10109
OB_TG1_R002TG1Yearly report of TG1Year 2002ReportDLR10110
OB_TG3_R004TG3Extreme conditionsDefinition of extreme conditions ad testing proceduresReportRISØ10113
OB_TG3_R005TG3Test plan reportTest report, describing the material, laminates and fatigue testsReportRISØ10114
OB_TG3_R006TG3Microstructural model and identification of degradation parameterMicrostructural model and degradation parameterReportRISØ10115
OB_PC_R003PCAnnual progress report 1st yearperiod 1-1-2002 to 31-12-2002ReportECN10116
OB_TG1_R003TG1Test plan reportDescribing the materials, laminates and testsReportDLR10117
OB_TG5_R003TG5Review of residual strength predictive modelsLiterature reviewReportUP10118
OB_TC_R010TCIdentification of SpecimensnotationReportLM10119
OB_TG2_R012TG2Static and Fatigue Tests of OPTIMAT UD coupons.Benchmark Tests.ReportUP10120
OB_PC_O012PCOPTIMAT overview paper for ICCM14 conferencewww.sme.orgPublicationWMC10121
OB_TC_R011TCManufacture and Delivery of SpecimensTest specimensReportLM10122
OB_TG5_R004TG5Static testing of OPTIMAT UD specimensbenchmark tests by CCLRC-RALReportCLRC.RAL10124
OB_TG3_R007TG3Static tests of UD and MD apecimens using ISO geometriesTest report TG3ReportRISØ10125
OB_TG5_R005TG5Static testing of OPTIMAT MD specimensbenchmark tests by CCLRC-RALReportCLRC.RAL10126
OB_TC_O004TCPoster EWEC 2003Poster with introductory OPTIMAT paperOtherWMC10127
OB_TC_R012TCIntroduction to the OPTIMAT BLADES projectpaper EWEC 2003ReportWMC10128
OB_TG1_R004TG1Static tests of Optimat MD and UD couponsBenchmark TestsReportDLR10129
OB_TG1_R005TG1Benchmark on Lifetime Predictionpaper EWEC 2003ReportDLR10130
OB_TG2_R013TG2Static and Fatigue tests on the standard OB UD couponStatic tensile tests and S-N at R=-1ReportUP10135
OB_TG3_R008TG3Assessment report18 month (period 1-1-2002 till 30-6-2003)ReportRISØ10137
OB_TG2_R014TG2Assessment Report for 18 month periodSummary progress report for TG2 (01.01.2002 to 30.06.2003)ReportUP10138
OB_TG1_R006TG1Benchmark Tests Standard OPTIMAT UD SpecimenStatic Tension&Compression, S-N at R=-1ReportDLR10139
OB_PC_R004PCFirst assessment reportperiod 1-1-2002 to 30-6-2003ReportECN10140
OB_PC_R005PCTechnological Implementation PlanTIP draft versionReportECN10141
OB_PC_R006PCTime schedulepdf formatReportECN10142
OB_PC_R007PCTime scheduleMS project format (zipped)ReportECN10143
OB_TC_R013TCLoad levels for CA testing-ReportWMC10144
OB_TG4_R006TG4Results of Static Tests on Long MD specimens-ReportCRES10145
OB_TG3_R009TG3Measurements of in-plane shear properties of GEV206 at ambient room conditions using V-notched beam test specimenTest reportReportRISØ10146
OB_TG3_R010TG3Measurements of in-plane shear properties of GEV206 at ambient room conditions using 30-off axes test specimenTest reportReportRISØ10147
OB_TG3_R011TG3Static testing TG3: static tension tests on UD.OPTIMAT specimens with fibres at 0°, 30° and 90°Loading-unloading-reloading testsReportVUB10149
OB_TG5_R006TG5Benchmark testing TG5: static tension and compression testson standard Optimat UD and MD- specimensReportVUB10150
OB_TG3_R012TG3Fatigue tests of the UD reference material (GEV206-D02-00) using Ris geometry for the test couponsCA fatigue at reference conditions, R=0.1ReportRISØ10152
OB_TG3_R013TG3Fatigue tests of the MD reference material (GEV207-D02-00) using Ris geometry for the test couponsCA fatigue at reference conditions, R=0.1ReportRISØ10153
OB_TG1_R007TG1Test Results of Benchmark Static Tests on UD & MD couponsTest ReportReportCRES10154
OB_TG1_R008TG1Test Results of benchmark Fatigue Tests on UD couponsTest ReportReportCRES10155
OB_TC_R014TCGeneral test specificationDescription of test procedures valid for all TGsReportDLR10157
OB_TG1_R009TG1Test specification for CRESDetailed Overview of test programReportDLR10161
OB_TG2_R015TG2Input data for a comparison between uni-axial and bi-axial stressesFAROB, FE analyses and measurementsReportECN10162
OB_TG2_R016TG2Test results of biaxial tests on cruciform specimensgeometries 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7ReportVUB10163
OB_TG2_R017TG24th semester progress report, TG2for the period 01.07 to 31.12.2003ReportUP10165
OB_TG3_R014TG3Phenomenological micromechanics models for sensitivity analysesTG3ReportRISØ10166
OB_TG3_R015TG3Effects of extreme conditions on properties of the reference materialTG3ReportRISØ10167
OB_TG3_R016TG3Effect of environmental ageing on reference materialTG3ReportRISØ10168
OB_TG3_R017TG3Yearly report2003ReportRISØ10169
OB_PC_R009PCProgress Reportperiod 1-7-2003 to 31-12-2003ReportECN10170
OB_PC_R010PCProgress ReportPeriod 1-1-2003 to 31-12-2003ReportECN10172
OB_TG2_R018TG2Static Tests On the Standard OB Unidirectional Coupon. Main Test Phase IStatic Tensile TestsReportUP10174
OB_TC_R015TCBasic S-N curvessummary of UD and MD CA@ R=-1, 0.1 and 10ReportWMC10179
OB_TC_R016TCResults of Lab. TestLaminateReportLM10180
OB_TG2_R019TG2Optimization of a cruciform test specimen for biaxial loading of fibre reinforced material systemspaper for ECCM 11 conference in RhodesReportVUB10186
OB_TG4_R008TG4Four-point bending tests on OPTIMAT UD materialTest reportReportWMC10196
OB_TG1_R011TG1Test Results of CA Fatigue Tests on UD Coupons-ReportCRES10197
OB_PC_R011PCProgress overview of OPTIMATPresentation for scientific officer 28 July 2004ReportWMC10202
OB_PC_R012PCProgress ReportPeriod 1-1-2004 to 30-6-2004ReportECN10203
OB_TG2_R020TG2Static and Fatigue Tests on ISO Standard ±45 CouponsMain Test Phase IReportUP10207
OB_TC_P001TCPoster at EWEC 2003 madridOptimat overview posterPublicationWMC10208
OB_TG1_P001TG1Poster: Benchmark on Lifetime PredictionPoster at EWEC 2003 MadridPublicationDLR10210
OB_TG1_P002TG1A Benchmark on Lifetime Prediction of Composite Materials under FatiguePaper submitted at EWEC 2003 MadridPublicationDLR10211
OB_TG2_P001TG2Optimisation of a cruciform test specimen for bi-axial loading of fibre reinforced material systemsSAMPE, Paris, April 2004 (poster)PublicationVUB10212
OB_TG2_P002TG2Optimisation of a cruciform test specimen for bi-axial loading of fibre reinforced material systems11th European Conference on Composite Materials, May 31 . June 3 2004, Rhodes (Paper)PublicationVUB10213
OB_TG2_P003TG2Optimisation of a cruciform test specimen for bi-axial loading of fibre reinforced material systems11th European Conference on Composite Materials, May 31 . June 3 2004, Rhodes (Presentation)PublicationVUB10214
OB_TG2_P004TG2Study of the usability of various cruciform geometries for biaxial testing of fiber reinforced compositesXXI International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (paper)PublicationVUB10215
OB_TG2_P005TG2Study of the usability of various cruciform geometries for biaxial testing of fiber reinforced compositesXXI International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (presentation)PublicationVUB10216
OB_TG2_P006TG2The digital image correlation technique as full field strain technique on biaxial loaded composites using cruciform specimensICEM12- 12th International Conference on Experimental MechanicsPublicationVUB10217
OB_TG1_R012TG1Benchmark of Lifetime Prediction Methodologies-Results and Discussion-ReportWMC10218
OB_TG1_R013TG1Fatigue Tests in the Fiber Direction of UD OB standard specimenMain test phase IReportUP10219
OB_TG1_P003TG1Fatigue of composites for wind turbines3rd Conf. on Fatigue of Composites, Sept. 04, Kyoto/JpPublicationDLR10220
OB_TG1_R014TG1Tensile tests on standard OB specimens- effect of strain rate -ReportWMC10221
OB_TG1_R015TG1Static and Fatigue Tests of Thick UD (GEV213-R0300) CouponsMain Test Phase IReportUP10222
OB_TG3_R018TG3Fatigue tests of ISO UD and MD specimens in extreme conditionsTG3ReportVTT10223
OB_TC_R018TCOptidatdatabase reference documentReportWMC10224
OB_TG1_P004TG1NEW WISPER - Creating a New Load Sequence From Modern Wind Turbine DataDEWEK 2004 (Deutsche Windenergie Konferenz), 7th German Wind Energy Conference held October 20-21 at Wilhelmshaven, GermanyPublicationDEWI10229
OB_TG1_P005TG1NEW WISPER - A New Edition of The Classic Fatigue Load Sequence WISPER for Variable Amplitude Testing on Materials Used in Wind Energy IndustriesDEWI -Magazin No.:25 in August 2004PublicationDEWI10230
OB_PC_R013PCMid Term Assessment ReportConcept version period 1-1-2002 to 31-12-2004ReportECN10242
OB_TG4_R009TG4DPA TG4 Phase IIWP 10, 11 and 12ReportWMC10243
OB_PC_R014PCTechnological Implementation PlanMid-term versionReportWMC10244
OB_TC_P002TCIntroduction to the OPTIMAT BLADES projectEuropean Wind Energy Conference 2003 (EWEC 2003), 16-19 June 2003, Madrid, SpainPublicationWMC10245
OB_TG3_P001TG3Life predictions of long fiber composites in extreme environmental conditions using damage evolution approach11th European Conference on Composite Materials, May 31 . June 3 2004, RhodesPublicationRISØ10246
OB_TG3_P002TG3Damage evolution in laminated composite materialsProceedings of Dansk Metalurgisk Selskab, (DMS), 2004, Kolding, DenmarkPublicationRISØ10247
OB_TG3_P003TG3Fatigue damage accumulation in unidirectional composite under applied cycling tension loadICF 11, Italy, 2005, (accepted)PublicationRISØ10248
OB_PC_P001PCOverview 5th frame projectsEU 5th framework overviewPublicationWMC10249
OB_TC_P003TCOverview 5th framework projects - Cluster B Blades & RotorsPresentation at EWEC 2004 LondonPublicationWMC10252
OB_TG2_R021TG2Fatigue tests on OB standard coupons at 90 deg.Main test phase IReportUP10253
OB_TG2_R022TG2Static tests on the standard OB UD and MD off-axis couponsMain test phase IReportUP10254
OB_TG4_R010TG4Static tests long MD specimensWMC resultsReportWMC10257
OB_TG3_R019TG3Characterization of Internal State Variable for fiber fracture in UD CompositeICCES 04 July 2004, Madeira, PortugalReportRISØ10259
OB_TG3_R020TG3Experimental study of interface effects on the viscoplastic strain in a CF/VE compositeMCM-2004, Riga, LatviaReportRISØ10260
OB_TG1_P006TG1OPTIMAT BLADES introduction14th International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM-14), July 14-17, San Diego, CAPublicationWMC10261
OB_TG1_P007TG1Spectrum Loading in Wind Turbine Rotor Blade CompositesChemical and Engineering Seminar (J. Mandell)September 17th, 2003, Montana State University, MTPublicationWMC10262
OB_TG2_R023TG2Determination of in-plane shear properties of UD reference materialA comparison of the results obtained with different techniquesReportVUB10263
OB_TG5_P001TG5MTA presentation WP 13 & 14-PublicationCLRC.RAL10264
OB_TG4_P001TG4MTA presentation WP 10 & 11 & 12-PublicationWMC10265
OB_TG3_P004TG3MTA presentation WP 8 & 9-PublicationRISØ10266
OB_TG2_P007TG2MTA presentation WP 6 & 7-PublicationUP10267
OB_TG1_P008TG1MTA presentation WP 3 & 4 & 5-PublicationDLR10268
OB_TG2_R024TG2DICT on beam and cruciform specimensstatic tests/ static loading-unloading-reloading testsReportVUB10270
OB_TC_P004TCMTA Optimat progress overview-PublicationWMC10271
OB_TG6_P001TG6MTA presentation WP 15-PublicationWMC10272
OB_TC_R021TCDetailed Plan of Action DPA, WP7Interaction Effects and Complex Loading of Alternative MaterialReportUP10277
OB_TG1_R020TG1NEW WISPER FINAL REPORTCreating a New Standard Load SequenceReportDEWI10278
OB_TG1_R021TG1Test specification for load spectra testsDescription of procedures valid for load spectra testingReportDLR10280
OB_TG1_R022TG1Optidat data summary-strength and life of standard OB specimens-ReportWMC10284
OB_TG5_R007TG5Residual strength tests- data and analysis -ReportWMC10285
OB_PC_P002PCEU brochureCluster B: Blades and Rotors (3 page version)PublicationWMC10286
OB_TC_P005TCOPTIMAT BLADES: results and perspectivesAbstract for EWEC 2006, Athens, GreecePublicationWMC10287
OB_TG5_R008TG5Residual Strength Tests on ISO Standard ±45o CouponsMain Test Phase IReportUP10288
OB_TG5_R009TG5Residual Strength Tests on Standard OB Coupons @ 90oMain Test Phase IReportUP10289
OB_TG3_R023TG3Shear strength of UD material at .40°C-Iosipescu test results at WMC-ReportWMC10290
OB_PC_R015PCProgress ReportPeriod 1-1-2005 to 30-6-2005ReportECN10291
OB_TG4_R011TG4FE analysis of thick test specimens-ReportWMC10292
OB_TG2_R025TG2Biaxial test results on cruciform specimensOverview of static tests with various load ratiosReportVUB10293
OB_TG2_R026TG2Biaxial test results on cruciform specimensOverview of loading-unloading-reloading tests with various load ratios on the selected geometry 5ReportVUB10294
OB_TG3_R024TG3Tensile fatigue of standard OB specimens at 100% Relative Humidityresults from WMCReportWMC10295
OB_TG1_R023TG1Block tests and (NEW) WISPERPresentation on Results, Analysis, and Predictions using various Miner formulations and Residual Strength Degradation ModelReportWMC10310
OB_TG1_R024TG1(NEW) WISPER(X) load spectra test results and analysisevaluation of life predictions using Miner-based and strength-based approachReportWMC10313
OB_TG6_P002TG6Draft DNV-OS-J102Design and Manufacture of Wind Turbine BladesPublicationDNV10315
OB_TG6_P003TG6New guidance for the development of wind turbine bladesCopenhagen Offshore Wind 2005PublicationDNV10316
OB_TG6_R002TG6Implementation of OPTIMAT in Technical StandardsTG6 design recommendationsReportDNV10317
OB_TG6_P004TG6DOT/FAA/AR-00/46Repair of Composite LaminatesPublicationDNV10318
OB_TG6_P005TG6AC 20-107A composite certificationFAA certification requirements for composite aircraft structuresPublicationDNV10319
OB_TC_P006TCOPTIMAT BLADES: Results and PerspectivesEWEC 2006PublicationWMC10321
OB_TG2_P008TG2Optimizing material use in blade design by improving failure predictionDamage Tolerance for FRP CompositesPublicationUP10322
OB_TG1_R025TG1Block testsResults and analysis of simple load spectrum testsReportWMC10323
OB_TG4_R012TG4Fatigue of long reference and repaired MD specimensWMC resultsReportWMC10324
OB_TG6_P006TG6DOT/FAA/AR-00/47AGATE material qualification and equivalencyPublicationDNV10329
OB_TG2_R027TG2Implementation of "Blade material behaviour under complex stress states" in technical standardsContribution FROM TG2 TO TG6 documentReportUP10330
OB_TG6_R003TG6A descriptive model for the fatigue behaviour of fibre reinforced plasticsAlternative formulation CLD/S-NReportWMC10331
OB_PC_P003PCIntroduction to Optimat Blades Workshop,Workshop for Industry, Athens 2006PublicationECN10334
OB_TG3_R026TG3Fatigue of alternative materialcomparison of R=-1 at ambient and +60° (WMC results)ReportWMC10336
OB_TG6_P007TG6The multislope modelextern presentationPublicationWMC10337
OB_TG5_R010TG5The use of acousto-ultrasonic techniques to measure propagation time through glass-fibre reinforced couponsTG5 NDT Acousto-ultrasonicsReportCLRC.RAL10338
OB_TG5_R011TG5Residual Strength testing of OPTIMAT UD specimenstests by CCLRC-RALReportCLRC.RAL10339
OB_TG5_R012TG5Residual Strength testing of OPTIMAT MD specimenstests by CCLRC-RALReportCLRC.RAL10340
OB_PC_R016PCManagement Report 2005Reporting period 1-1-2005 - 31-12-2005ReportECN10344
OB_TG3_R027TG3Tensile Testing of GEV307 at room TemperatureInvestigation of blade material behaviour under external (extreme) conditions.ReportRISØ10345
OB_TG3_R028TG3Shear Testing of GEV307 at 25°C and 60°CInvestigation of blade material behaviour under external (extreme) conditions.ReportRISØ10346
OB_TG3_R029TG3Compression testing of Glass-Epoxy Alternative Material at Room TemperatureWP9. Investigation of blade material behaviour under external (extreme) conditions.ReportRISØ10347
OB_TG2_R028TG2Static and Fatigue Tests on ISO Standard ±45o Coupons, 2nd Batch of Reference MaterialTest Phase IIReportUP10348
OB_TG2_R029TG2Mechanical Characterization of the Alternative OB MaterialTest Phase IIReportUP10349
OB_TG2_R030TG2Fatigue Tests on OB UD & MD off-axis CouponsMain Test Phase IReportUP10350
OB_PC_R017PCFinal reportOptimat BladesReportECN10351
OB_TG2_R031TG2Variable Amplitude Cyclic Tests on Standard OB UD coupons and ISO [±45]s from reference materialMain Test Phases I & IIReportUP10352
OB_TG1_R026TG1Summary Fatigue Test ReportFatigue tests at DLR labs in the frame of OPTIMATReportDLR10353
OB_TG4_R013TG4Evaluation on the effect of thick laminatesFinal report WP 10ReportWMC10355
OB_TC_P007TCOPTIMAT BLADES WorkshopAthens, March 2, 2006PublicationWMC10356
OB_TG5_R013TG5Validated engineering model for residual strength predictiondeliverable #25ReportUP10360
OB_TG5_R014TG5Validated engineering model for residual life evaluation and strategy for condition assessmentDeliverable #26ReportUP10361
OB_TG3_R030TG3WP 9 Reference and Extreme Condition Tests at VTT+60 and RT conditionsReportVTT10362
OB_TG2_R036TG2Bi-axial test results on cruciform specimensOverview of static and loading-unloading-reloading tests with various load ratios on the selected geometry 5ReportVUB10363
OB_TG1_R027TG1Report on basic static and fatigue tests of alternative materialsTest Phase IIReportDLR10364
OB_TG5_R015TG5Feasibility of various condition assessment techniques for residual strength and life predictionAcoustic emission and thermoelastic stress analysisReportCLRC.RAL10365
OB_TG2_R037TG2Residual Strength Tests on ISO Standard ±45o CouponsMain Test Phase IIReportUP10366
OB_TG4_R015TG42500 kN test set-up for thick laminatesBackground analysesReportWMC10368
OB_TG2_R038TG2Final report on tube testingStatic and fatigue loadingReportDLR10370
OB_TG2_R033TG2Validated composite mechanics and FEM formulation guidelines and recommendations for rotor blade designPart of Deliverable #11ReportUP10357
OB_TG2_R032TG2Quantification of complex stress state effect on blade designDeliverable #20ReportUP10354
OB_TG2_R035TG2Assessment of failure probability under uni-axial and multi-axial static and fatigue loadDeliverable #19ReportUP10372
OB_TG5_R016TG5Residual strength tests on standard OB specimensCRES RESULTSReportCRES10373


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