TKI-WIIP Connection methods in wind turbines

In a wind turbine, various connection types are present, using a large variety in materials and technology. Knowledge and understanding of failure mechanisms (in saline and/or humid environments), installation, repair and maintenance are limited, which implies that there is ample room for optimisation of these heavily loaded connections.

WMC carried out a Wind Innovation Impulse Project supported by the TKI Wind op Zee, together with TNO and TRES4. The objective was to lay the foundations for a research programme on the development of reliable structural and material models for innovative offshore wind turbine connections.

Two literature studies were delivered, covering offshore support structure bolted connections [van Es and Pijpers, "Failure mechanisms of bolted ring flange connections", TNO 2018 R11231, October 2018] and connections often encountered in rotor blades [Nijssen, de Ruiter, Lahuerta and Kuipers, "Connection methods in wind turbine rotor blades", WMC-2017-109, October 2018].

The project is funded by TKI Wind op Zee (Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind) which facilitates cooperation between companies, research institutions and the Dutch government in offshore wind research, innovation and deployment.


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