Material research: Progressive damage simulation


  • Review the existing methods and techniques for the progressive damage simulations of structural materials for wind energy applications
  • Develop analytical and numerical tools for the prediction of strength and life of the following structural materials:
    • Fibre reinforced polymers
    • Structural adhesives

Project summary

The efficient structural design of the wind turbine blades requires, among others, development of predictive models for the life prediction, residual strength and failure probability of the structural materials. The aim of this project is to review the existing methods and techniques and to propose and develop analytical and numerical tools able to simulate the damage evolution in fibre reinforced polymers and structural adhesives subjected to multiaxial quasi-static and fatigue loadings.


Principal researcher: Dimitrios Zarouchas
Period: October 2011 - October 2013
Contact info:


D.S Zarouchas and R.P.L. Nijssen, Mechanical behaviour of structural adhesives in wind turbine blades under multiaxial loading, International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives (submitted for publication)

D.S. Zarouchas, Progressive damage simulation strategies, state-of-the-art, WMC-2012-108 report, January 2013

D.S. Zarouchas, Thick adhesives, a key factor for the blade design optimization Proceedings of the International Conference on Adhesives for Wind and Solar Technology, Berlin, Germany, November 2011

Expected results

Stand-alone tools to plot and compare theoretical failure envelopes with experimental results Progressive damage modelling methods in finite element codes


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