TKI Wind op Zee project C-Tower

The "TKI Wind op Zee" project C-Tower "Design a Prototype of a Composite Tower for Offshore Wind Turbines", granted by RVO, has started October 1, 2015 and will have a duration of two years.


Offshore wind turbine towers are typically manufactured as a hollow steel structure. Offshore steel structures are heavy structures and need to be severely designed against corrosion. Composite materials offer significant advantages compared to metal or thermoplastics like light weight, low maintenance and high strength. Composite materials are well suited for environments in which the materials are placed in extreme conditions such as toxic, salt, moist environments and environments with large changes in temperature.


The present project aims to demonstrate feasibility of replacing the steel tower by a fibre reinforced composite structure, with the aim of reducing maintance and thereby the life cycle cost of the entire wind turbine. Production costs will be reduced by using automated production techniques.


A composite windturbine tower will be developed. This will come to pass by several work packages executed in different phases as: Engineering, which concerns the phase where WMC and Jules Dock Composites will take care of engineering and production design. Both the tower and a Conceptual design of hybrid connections. The final composite laminate will be designed. Also a design verification according to guidelines by DNV-GL will be part of the engineering phase. Jules Dock Composites will investigate several production methods to find out which is best suited for the composite turbine tower. A prototype of a scaled turbine tower will be manufactured. The critical details of the prototype will be mechanically tested in the laboratory of WMC. When there are any improvements the turbine tower will be re-designed. To estimate costs and impact on logistics and maintenance WIND2020 will produce a life cycle analysis.


A full demonstration of the feasibility of the composite tower is out of the scope of this project. This project is aimed at generating confidence in the feasibility of the concept. It gives a clear estimate of the achievable cost reduction and serves as input for a subsequent demonstration project.

Project partners

Jules Dock Composites
Knowledge Centre WMC


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